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Exhaust manifold gasket direction

I've read a few threads showing the words "manifold side" on the replacement exhaust manifold gasket, showing a correct installation direction. I'm my case the manifold gasket is a simple stamped piece of gasket material. Like a stamped washer, one side is the "sharp" side, and the other is more rounded. There is no directional marking..

Re: Metal vs. Fiber exhaust manifold gaskets STX/ZXi 1100. Personally I use the metal as they are easier to remove when disassembling later. Metal is usually OEM from Kawasaki for the exhaust so you can look them up on the OEM parts web page. 1100 Exhaust parts diagram.gif You can then either order from there or copy the PN down and see if any. 1. Heat tolerance The gasket material should be able to withstand the temperature of the application without oxidizing, burning, or otherwise disintegrating. MTI offers the Hi-Tex line of products for high-temperature applications. 2. Conformance The gasket should compress or conform to flange conditions and irregularities to make a good seal.

Registered. Joined Jan 19, 2006. 496 Posts. Discussion Starter · #1 · Dec 7, 2009. We are putting my kids 2.5L back together and I have a simple question. The intake/ exhaust manifold gasket is metal on one side and materal on the other - which side goes toward the engine??? Thanks in advance. 2005 TJ Rubicon & 2014 WK2 Overland.

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Apr 19, 2022 · How To Change An Exhaust Manifold Gasket Step 1: Remove the engine cover Several bolts hold the engine cover in place. They are typically easy to remove, but they can be tight depending on the year and make of your car. Be sure to use a ratchet or breaker bar if necessary. Once the bolts are removed, you can lift the cover off of the engine..

Remove the manifold nuts or bolts after disconnecting the downpipe. Undo the clamp holding the exhaust pipe to the manifold. If the clamp has a gasket, fit a new one during reassembly. Unscrew the manifold nuts or bolts. If there is a heat shield fitted, remove it. Take off the manifold and renew the gasket. Engine Block 18 minutes.

Mar 06, 2019 · The exhaust manifold gasket is a like a big valve. It connects to all of the cylinders in the engine, where it collects and funnels the exhaust gases into the exhaust system itself. See how we said it is the first component within the exhaust system itself? We weren’t joking around, huh?.

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